dr larisa music perioimplant opatija 2022

Dr. Larisa Musić


Larisa Musić is a specialised periodontist by clinical training, holding a doctoral degree in the field of periodontology from the University of Zagreb.

She works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Periodontology School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and divides her time between clinical activities, teaching and research.

She’s passionate about education and employs innovative teaching strategies to facilitate learning and the acquisition of new knowledge and manual skills.

Hands-on course

Fighting against the statistics – periodontal and peri-implant supportive therapy

Numbers don’t speak in our favour – inflammatory periodontal and peri-implant diseases are highly prevalent and represent a significant global burden.

Can we, and how, confront the dreading statistics with periodontal and peri-implant supportive therapy? How can we prevent or address them on time, aiming for long-term treatment success?

The participants will learn how to establish an individualised supportive treatment programme and perform efficient clinical procedures through the following theoretical and practical blocks of this workshop:

  • Understanding the biological differences between teeth and implants – impact on associated pathologies and their progression.
  • Recognising and evaluating risk factors and using periodontal and peri-implant risk assessment tools (PRA & IDRA) to identify individuals at risk.
  • Motivating the patient and tailoring oral hygiene around teeth, implants and various prosthetic designs.
  • Advanced clinical protocols of professional biofilm management – using hand and machine-driven instruments and innovative technologies.