Dr. Ana Ferro

O predavaču

  • Diplomirala je dentalnu medicinu na Fakultetu dentalne medicine Sveučilišta u Lisabonu.
  • Završila je poslijediplomski studij iz područja parodontologije na Sveučilištu u Göteborgu.
  • Specijalizaciju iz parodontologije završava na Fakultetu dentalne medicine Sveučilišta u Lisabonu.
  • Dobila je titulu specijalista parodontologije na Colégio da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas.
  • Postaje asistent iz parodontologije na Fakultetu dentalne medicine Sveučilišta u Lisabonu.
  • Ostvaruje ekskluzivnu kliničku praksu u parodontologiji, oralnoj kirurgiji i implantologiji.
  • Član je Uprave FOR-a.
  • Aktivni je Nobel Biocare predavač.
  • Gostuje kao predavač na nekoliko nacionalnih i međunarodnih konferencija na temu parodontologije, oralne rehabilitacije, implantologije i vođene kirurgije.
  • Autor je i koautor nekoliko znanstvenih članaka i poglavlja u knjigama.
  • Recenzent više međunarodnih znanstvenih časopisa.


All-on-4 ® concept: Complications and challenges which lead to evolution on restoring the complete edentulous and failing dentition patient

The past 25 years have shown us that is possible to treat edentulous patients with high functional and aesthetic fixed solution through the  All-on-4 ® concept. This concept has proven to be highly successful, with 91,7% success rate for the All-on-4 surgical protocol in the mandible (up to 18 years follow-up) and a 93,9% success rate for the All-on-4 surgical protocol maxillary techniques (up to 13 years follow-up).

The success of the technique and the continue follow-up of our treatments, have brought in numerous of challenges, which we have to overcome in a daily practice.

Through innovation, along with continuous clinical and scientific research, it has been possible to establish protocols on:

  • how to address an edentulous maxilla according to the amount of bone available
  • how to achieve good primary stability and how much is enough
  • how to overcome the lost of implants
  • how to be more predictable from planning to final result
  • customised maintenance programs according to peri-implant risk factors
  • new implant surfaces and abutments surfaces, which enhance Mucointegration
  • what to do when complications occur and how to resolve them

–     when and how to resolve complications with zygoma implants, pterygoid implants and other specific implants.

The search to overcome our daily complications and challenges will continue to be our mission in order to find the solutions, as the All-on-4 ® concept has increased the quality of life for thousands of patients worldwide.

Hands-on course

All-on-4 ® Treatment Concept – Malo Clinic Surgical Approach

The loss of teeth has an undeniable impact on the global population daily life and social interaction.

Through innovation, along with continuous clinical and scientific research, it has become possible to treat virtually every edentulous case with a highly functional and esthetic fixed solution, increasing the quality of life for these patients. The All-on-4 ® concept for rehabilitation of the complete edentulous has allowed thousands of clinicians around the world to achieve this essential goal for their patients.

The rehabilitation of these patients is a team approach involving surgeon, prosthodontists, lab technician and dental hygienist. The surgical stage follows the All-on-4 surgical protocol – an innovative technique developed in the early 90’s with Prof. Paulo Maló and his team that allows for immediate function, full-arch, implant supported prosthetics. This widely applicable surgical protocol allows for a simplified and immediate rehabilitation with a provisional bridge fixed on 4 implants, with minimum cantilevers, delivered 3 to 4 hours after the surgery.

Clinical management of patients through this protocol will be presented by demonstrating the medical data gathering process, diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical protocols and insights of both provisional and definitive implant-supported prosthesis.


Laerning Objectives:

  • Review the principles, advantages, objectives of the All-on-4® Treatment Concept;
  • Follow the Evolution of this Treatment Concept to overcome past and present challenges;
  • Acquire the knowledge to make the proper diagnosis, surgery, prosthetic and maintenance of your case
  • Acquire the practice to place implants according to the All-on-4® Treatment Concept