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Dr. Miguel Stanley


Dr. Miguel Stanley is the clinical director of the White Clinic based in Lisbon, Portugal founded 20 years ago. As a passionate advocate for high quality dental care, his career has been focused on restoring smiles with his interdisciplinary team, using state of the art technology, software and materials and a strong sense of ethics and minimal invasiveness to better protect his patients.

This is the reason he created the No Half Smiles® treatment philosophy and Slow Dentistry® both aimed at improving the patient experience and the overall quality of care. With training in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and functional occlusion, his Advanced Biological Cosmetic Dentistry approach incorporates the full scope of action of modern dentistry.
With over 200 keynote lectures given in over 40 countries, Dr Stanley’s lectures are critically acclaimed by dentists of all ages and specialties, for the open dialogue and simple and beautiful manner complex cases are presented. Dr. Stanley was also invited by the Global Child Dental Fund to become an ambassador to help stop I.O.M.- Infant Oral Mutilation, in Africa, as well as the Humble Smile Foundation that focuses on sustainability as well as educating the needy around the world. He is the vice president and founding Board Member of the Digital Dentistry Society, a global organization committed to improving awareness of advanced technology to the dental community and also an expert dentist on Dental XP since 2009, a leading online education platform for advanced e-learning. Dr. Stanley is also the host of the first ever National  Geographic documentary on dentistry and filmed in Korea, Uganda and Portugal, proving technology can shape the future of the profession.

His TEDx talk done at the SOAS university in London in 2017, was called “Positive Dentistry”. Dr. Miguel Stanley is Adjunct Professor of Restorative and Preventive Dentistry at the University Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He recently was nominated one of the top 100 dentists in the world by his peers in 2020. He is married with children and loves to cook and play his guitar.


Advanced Bone Healing Protocols in Immune Dentistry

Dr Miguel Stanley has been performing guided bone regeneration and tissue engineering always adopting the latest scientifically proven innovations at the Wjite CLinic in Portugal, where he practices exclusively. Well known for only using the best technologies and materials, Dr Stanley and his team recently have been developing specific pre-and post op protocols that enhance tissue regeneration and improve healing allowing better overall results.

Do we need to rethink the way we prepare the bone for implant placement? Are we properly removing medullary infection and inflammation prior to grafting? What technologies and techniques can we apply to improve outcomes? There is some mounting evidence that osteoimmunology is a field that needs to have a bigger role in the toolkit of the modern dental surgeon. We need to understand the immune system and how inflammation interacts with the body. We have a unique opportunity to help our patient heal better at the time we place implants or regenerate the bone, the way we do it and the materials we use, can dramatically influence outcomes.


Positive Dentistry & Mindset for Success

If you’re ready to take your career and your clinic to the next level in 2022, you still have time to register for Dr. Miguel Stanley’s master class “Positive Dentistry & Mindset for Success”.

Oral health has never been more important. Its connection to general health is essential. Our patients have never counted more on us.  The clinics we run must be based on ethics, quality, dedication, excellence, technology and evolution.

Are you and your team practicing Positive Dentistry? The future requires it.

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