Marius Steigmann perioimplant 2022

Dr. Marius Steigmann


Dr. Steigmann graduated in Dental Medicine in TG.Mures Romania in 1987. In 2005 he received his PHD Summa cum laude from the University of Neumarkt (TG.Mures Romania.). Dr. Steigmann is a Diplomate of the ICOI, served as ICOI Vice President of Germany from 2005 to 2011 and was board member of the DGOI for 15 years. He has also received the medal of “Semmelweiss” Budapest University Dental School Dept. Of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Steigmann is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor University of Michigan Dept. of Periodontics and held the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Boston University. He is also Honorary Professor of the “Carol Davila“ University Bucharest since 2003. Dr. Steigmann is the founder and was the scientific chairman of “Update Implantologie Heidelberg” 2002-2011 and the founder and director of the “Steigmann Institute”. He maintains a private practice in Neckargemünd, Germany.


New aspects of soft tissue management for bone augmentation

In the new digital world very little has been changed for the manipulation of the soft tissues. The planning of implant positioning, the amount of bone grafting and the delivery of the prosthetic work can be done digitally. However, the manipulation of the soft tissue for a bone or tissue augmentation have not being influenced. Still planning for guided bone regeneration and the amount of necessary soft tissue manipulation can be visualized digitally.

The lecture will focus on the analog execution of incision flap, design and suture in the aesthetic zone and the non-aesthetic zone, from concept to execution of new developed surgical techniques for achieving predictable result. In these cases, soft tissue assessment before surgery is key for success.

Hands-on course

Flap design for Vertical augmentation in the Mandible and Maxilla


Over the years we realized that specific skills in handling tissues are the priority in implant therapy, adjusting soft tissue handling to the specific anatomy and biotype of each patient. For this reason, this hands-on course focus to teach these specific, valid techniques during surgery and prosthetics in a unique comprehensive way.

Main Topics

Vertical bone loss represents a major surgical challenge in the implant treatment of the posterior mandible, due to anatomical factors and technical difficulties. For this reason, special techniques are necessary for the lingual, buccal and palatal flap management. A proper management of the soft tissues is a crucial point for the success in of this kind of regenerative procedure.